Artefact Evaluation: Report Back

Green kitchen weigh scaleArtefact Evaluation: Report Back

Timing: 15 to 20 minutes
Mode: In-class; Online

Lanny Beckman explores the differences between what he learned about mental health in the university classroom versus his lived experience in the mental health system.

Dividing the class into small groups, give your students 2 minutes to talk about what parts of their program curriculum might contribute to the “us and them” views of people with mental health diagnoses.  Next, have your students spend five minutes talking about ways in which their curriculum could link critical thought and empathy.  If time permits, have each small group report back to the class with their top three ideas.  This exercise can be done online with groups reporting their top three ideas to the course learning management site.

Independent learners working online can write a short 1-2 page reflection on the themes highlighted in Lanny’s memoir (see below). How could his painful experience have been made easier for him?

  • Professional knowledge vs. life and world knowledge (experiential knowledge)
  • Objectification of suffering
  • Compassion and wisdom
  • Otherness