Components: Self-Guided


Three green gears working togetherComponents: Self-Guided

Timing: 15 Minutes
Mode: In class; On-line

Group of early MPA members meeting around a long table. Lanny Beckman is writing at one end of the table, while Stan Persky, is holding a camera.
1973 MPA meeting in the basement of their first house, Lanny Beckman writing at the table

In-class or online, students can read or listen to Lanny Beckman’s memoir, a compelling consideration of the distance between mental health practitioners and people who live with mental health diagnoses.  Ask students to use the following themes to guide their consideration of this component:

  • Professional knowledge vs. life and world knowledge (experiential knowledge)
  • Objectification of suffering
  • Compassion and wisdom
  • Otherness

Download and read Lanny Beckman’s memoir Us and Them or listen to the recording: