Past, Present, Future

Past, Present, Future Unit

Green Chinese takeaway boxTakeaways

  • Appreciate system user perspectives on mental health policy
  • Understand relations of power in the mental health system (patient/doctor/nurse/staff)

Three green gears working togetherComponents

The components for this unit are three short plays, fictionalized accounts of mental health experiences in the past, present, and imagined future.

Play 1: “But Now We Know Better”  (past)


Play 2: “How Do You Feel?”  (present)


Play 3: “Breaking Down Barriers”  (future)


Green kitchen weigh scaleEvaluating the Components

Green hand-held magnifying glassLearning Lens

These short 1-3 minute skits by project community experts Branwen Willow and Cat Omura present past, present and desired future mental health systems from the perspective of a community expert.  They can be used as audio recordings for classroom use or as scripts to be enacted by students.