Artefact Evaluation: Art Sound Bite

Green kitchen weigh scaleArtefact Evaluation: Art at PARC – 60 Second Sound Bite

Timing: 15 Minutes
Mode: In Class; Online

This learning activity can be used as an entry point into a larger class discussion on the themes you have highlighted within your lecture. It can be modified for online through the discussion board feature of a learning management system.

Begin this exercise by having your students break up into pairs and assign a piece of writing for each pair. Within the group of two, the students will take turns playing the role of the “interviewer” and the “interviewee.” Prep the students with interview questions such as: “Which writing or art piece was most memorable to you and why?” or “Tell me about something unexpected that you learned from the writing/ art samples.”

Feel free to encourage your students to think up their own questions. Next, have each interviewee talk without interruption for sixty seconds (to their partner). Once both partners have been interviewed, invite some students to share their “sixty second sound bite” with the whole class.