MoVay’s Way

MoVay’s Way Unit

Green Chinese takeaway boxTakeaways

  • Appreciate the importance of service user perspectives in determining appropriate plans for care and wellbeing
  • Recognize the importance of exercise, food, and sociability in supporting good mental health and caring for the whole person

Three green gears working togetherComponent

This component is a 3 minute video made by puppeteer and community expert Lori E. An additional component, to be used if time allows, is Lori’s artist statement.


Green kitchen weigh scaleEvaluating the Components

Green hand-held magnifying glassLearning Lens

What if you were diagnosed with Chronic Blue-Sologizing? This 3-minute video of a project puppet-show asks us to consider treatment alternatives beyond medicine, and suggests that holistic treatment through nutrition, social support, and physical exercise supports good mental health.