Customizing Learning Ensemble

Customizing Learning Ensemble

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Learning Ensemble is a flexible and pragmatic educational resource.  Most units can be used at a range of educational levels, from basic identification and description to complex analysis and customized to meet student, instructor and course requirements.  Here are our answers to queries from instructors about getting what they need from Learning Ensemble:

“I want a short experiential piece to engage students and ground the rest of my teaching for this class.”
Search specifying the time range, topic, and type of component that you are looking for, i.e. (i.e. 30 minutes, activism, video).

“I want to cover a range of topics from different modules.”
Consult our Learning Ensemble Component List or Module Component descriptions, located at the beginning of each module.  From here, you can either go directly to the specific units that appear most promising, or use Search to narrow your options.

“I want to work through an entire module over several classes.”
Begin with Module-level support materials – Takeaways, Assessment, Learning Lens – to map out your learning objectives and do your lesson planning.  Then review Unit-level supports offerings to refine more specific learning goals and select the most appropriate Evaluation Exercises. Search can be used to help work out lesson timings.

“I want to integrate a unit into my History/ Health Policy/ Education course.”
Enter your course discipline into Search to locate relevant material, then either browse units or use Search to refine your selection.