Component Evaluation: An Activist Scrapbook

Green kitchen weigh scaleComponent Evaluation: An Activist Scrapbook

Timing: 60 Minutes, flexible
Mode: In-class; Online

Making Madness Political is based on the argument that politicizing mental health can lead to real gains for people living with mental health difficulties.  Have your students use the archive of Reville’s personal scrapbook attached to his piece and visual thinking software to depict Reville’s evolution from patient to activist.  

  • What issues has Reville been involved with over time, and why did he put his energy into these actions?
  • What tactics has he used?  What does this have to do with identity?  

  • What does it have to do with community?

Close by giving students an opportunity to share their biographical maps, either online or in class.  Instructors who wish to have students practice document analysis can pose questions that encourage students to interrogate items in Reville’s scrapbook as evidence of activism.